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Highlights in the Podcast:

  • The inspiration behind Lead Pages
  • Landing Page Software that has all the best features
  • Parallel integration and compatibility
  • The effects of high speed page processing on lead capture page conversion
  • Building a business entirely on this one tool
  • LeadPages has the right amount of features
  • How convenient is this tool?
  • Setting up your Welcome Gate
  • Benefits of the recurring fee vs One-time plugin offered by others
  • Top Three ways to get someone’s email address
    • Providing a resource list
    • The Top “Mistakes” List
    • Done For You Stuff
  • Making the highest conversion page yet
  • The “Curiosity Hook”
  • What is the best thing about LeadPages?


Capture more leads


Clay:      Yes so a Welcome Gate means that it’s very specific, and I saw Andrew Warner at MixerGy doing this thing and I was like “well let’s see how this works…” so I created basically the ability in LeadPages for someone to pick one of their landing pages and have it be the page that someone is redirected to the first time that they go to the home page. So if there’s a deep link into a specific article, the page isn’t going to appear. If someone’s going to an About Me page or something like that, the page isn’t going to appear. But if someone goes to the Homepage for the first time, they’re going to see an Opt-in Box if you have your page set up to be your Welcome Gate.

The results for this are phenomenal. The majority of people who use this get more opt-ins from their welcome gate than from any single landing page in the rest of their business. A lot of people, I’ve had over ten people tell me that their Welcome Gate generates more than any of their opt-in boxes combined, and often people see an 8 – 10x increase. The reason why I say this is because it really speaks as to why we created the software as I saw an opportunity to really sky-rocket people’s businesses with a little effort. With very little effort on their part because we just had some proven pages and some proven concepts where you literally could just plug it in and it just works. So yes, that’s what a welcome gate does and it’s a lot of fun.

James:  Okay so tell me the difference between having a recurring fee on the cloud versus a one-time plug in that a lot of people are offering.

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